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90 Day Guarantee

90 Day Guarantee

We are so confident in our inspector’s work that we provide all properties with a complimentary 90 Day Guarantee. We cover up to $1,500 in repairs on specific inspected systems (Visible Structure, Main Roofing, Central Heating System, Central Cooling System, Kitchen Appliances, Plumbing System and the Electrical System). A 90 day guarantee covers repairs to mechanical components of the home that was not found to be in good working condition and were not reported in the home inspection report at the date of the inspection up to 90 days thereafter on vacant homes.

Only those systems and appliances specifically listed are covered, and only if they were properly and permanently installed and located within the perimeter of the main foundation of the home and/or detached garage at the time of the residential home inspection performed by Company.

STRUCTURE: LIMITED TO: Visible foundation walls, support components, building walls and roof framing to the extent that their load bearing ability is affected.


MAIN ROOFING: LIMITED TO: Sloped roof covering materials (greater than 2/12 slope) and less than ten (10) years old over the main house.

CENTRAL COOLING: LIMITED TO: The main cooling system for the home. If there is more than one system, the main unit is the one that cools the living room area.

NOT COVERED: Systems described in the report as being not tested or not operated and/or systems that are older than ten (10) years old.

CENTRAL HEATING: LIMITED TO: The main heating system for the home. If there is more than one system, the main unit is the one that heats the living room area.

NOT COVERED: Systems described in the report as being not tested or not operated and/or systems that are older than ten (10) years old.

INTERIOR ELECTRIC: LIMITED TO: Panel box and visible and exposed wiring throughout the interior of the house, within the foundation walls and less than fifteen (15) years old.

NOT COVERED: Fixtures, outlets, switches, ceiling fans and low voltage systems.

INTERIOR PLUMBING: LIMITED TO: The operation of the visible and above ground basic hot, cold, drain and vent piping throughout the interior of the house and less than fifteen (15) years old and Water heaters less than seven (7) years old.

NOT COVERED: Fixtures; pipe hammer; TPR valves, shower pans; and all exterior

PLUMBING SYSTEM: If it is an electrical water heater and the electricity is turned off the water heater is no longer covered and if the home was vacant at the time of the inspection or for 30 days at any point after the inspection then the plumbing system will NOT be covered.

KITCHEN APPLIANCES: LIMITED TO: Dishwashers, Microwaves, Ovens, Ranges and Power Vents that are less than seven (7) years old

NOT COVERED: Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, Disposals, Cosmetic problems, knobs, timers, temperature controls or other conditions that do not affect the primary function of the appliance.

Before Reporting a Claim

1. SHUT OFF the system or appliance to prevent further damage.

2. Review your inspection report. Only covered components without proof of operation by the inspector that was not found and not reported to be working properly on the day of the inspection is eligible for coverage.

3. Is this system or appliance also covered by a Home Warranty, Homeowners Insurance, or a Manufacturer’s Warranty? This warranty is SECONDARY to those policies, and you should call those providers for service.

4. Has the system or appliance already been repaired? Any repairs made prior to notification and Company authorization will void this warranty with respect to the element so repaired.

5. Repair authorization must be obtained by the company in advance in order to receive reimbursement.

Exclusions and Limitations

This document recites all of the coverage provided by the guarantee and any coverage not specifically recited is presumed to be excluded.

1 . This 90-Day guarantee is provided for the exclusive benefit of the home-buying client who is named as the client on the inspection report and may not be transferred or assigned to any other party. No coverage is provided to the seller of the home, even if the seller was the client for the inspection.

2. We will not assume responsibility for claims when the inspection order has not been paid in-full or if the payment has been challenged in any way. This includes if a refund of your home inspection fee has been issued by the company for any reason.

3. We will not assume responsibility for claims when the system or appliance was identified in the “Immediate Action Recommended” report as in need of repair, further evaluation, service recommended, was not functioning properly or was approaching the end of its expected life. Any system or appliance that was not operated, not visible or outside the scope of the designated standard of practice will not be covered by this Guarantee.

4. We will not assume responsibility for claims reported prior to closing or claims reported after the expiration of this guarantee. The day following the home inspection is deemed the “1st” day at 12:01am. Any claim filed on the 91st day or later is filed after the expiration of the guarantee. Re-inspections or other follow-up visits to the home do not affect the duration of this Guarantee.

5. We will not assume responsibility for claims if the work was performed or completed prior to notification, re-evaluation and/ or approval by Company.

6. We will not assume responsibility for claims if the losses are recoverable under homeowner’s insurance, or manufacturers or contractor’s extended warranty, and/or home warranty programs.

7 . If, in Company’s sole judgment, a repair of a covered system or appliance is not possible or feasible. The company will pay up to a maximum of FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($500.00) (less the service fee if not previously paid) for the replacement of a similar quality and style system or component.

8 . Client is responsible for arranging access to the property and to the system or component. Company assumes no responsibility for costs related to the opening, resurfacing, restoration and/or decorating after the repair work is completed.

9 . This Guarantee does not apply to performance of routine maintenance, occurrences which result from failure to perform such maintenance or the negligent misuse of the covered element or component, or the re-occurrence of a settled claim condition.

10. Company specifically excludes any liability for bodily injury, property damage, consequential or secondary damage or other conditions resulting from the failure or malfunction of the covered systems or components.

11. Company disclaims any liability for the adequacy of capacity, improper installation or design of any covered element of component or its failure to comply with any local, state or national code. Components subject to product recall are not eligible for coverage under this guarantee.

12. This guarantee does not apply to damages caused by termites or other insects, severe weather, rot, molds, condensation, floods, loss of power, surface water, waves or tidal waves, nuclear or air contamination, shifting or settling of land, wars, acts of aggression and/or acts of God. Any damage or failure to a covered system or appliance that was not caused by regular use of the component is also not covered by this Guarantee.

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