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The price for a Home Inspection is generally based upon the Square Footage of the home and will take at least Two (2) hours to complete. All inspections include Thermal Imaging, a manufactures recall check of all permanent appliances and comes with a 90 warrenty.

Single Family Residential Inspection Prices


Square Foot of the Home=               Price

Up to 1,499 Sq. Ft.                       $295 .00

1,500-1,999 Sq. Ft.                       $345.00

2,000-2,499 Sq. Ft.                       $395.00

2,500-2,999 Sq. Ft.                       $445.00

3,000-3,499 Sq. Ft.                       $495.00

3,500-3,999 Sq. Ft.                       $545.00

4,000-4,999 Sq. Ft.                       $625.00

Built Prior to 1981                        +$50.00

Crawl Space Inspection                 +$50.00

Additional Outside Building Inspection   $75.00

*Call for pricing on Homes larger than 5,000 Sq. Ft. & Multi-Family

Additional Services & Pricing

Appliance Recall Check                     $29.95

Mold Test & Inspection                     $225.00

Radon Test & Inspection                   $150.00

Thermal Imaging Scan (1hr.)           $125.00

Quality Air Test & Inspection           $295.00


Service Employee Discount: 10% Off

(Military, Fire, Police, Hospital & Educators)

1st Time Home Buyer Discount: 10% Off

*Unfortunately double discounting is not allowed


Payment is due at time of service. We accept Cash, Check, and all major credit cards.


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